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We provide 24-Hour Emergency Service, Extended Warranties, and Maintenance Packages

HVAC Service & Maintenance

We realize that heating and air conditioning units don't usually break down between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.; that's why we offer 24-hour emergency service. We'll get your heating and air conditioning unit back up and running, no matter what time it is. It's just another perk of choosing Air Solutions for the best heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions in Barrie and surrounding area.

We Service ALL Makes & Models

We repair all major brands of furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, fireplaces, HRVs. Our services include:
 Furnace Maintenance & Service
 A/C Maintenance & Service
 Fireplace Cleaning & Service
HRV Inspections & Maintenance
Water Heater Maintenance & Service
Tankless Water heater Maintenance
Rooftop Unit Maintenance & Service
Gas Lines, Venting & Duct Work

2pm Service Call is a 2pm Service Call

We provide appointment times not windows! Your time is valuable and we understand and respect that. If we are delayed due to an emergency we do our best to advise you so you aren’t waiting around wondering if we are still coming!

 No matter if you are looking for preventative maintenance, need a service call or you have an emergency. Contact us today. 

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HVAC Scheduled Maintenance Programs

We also perform annual maintenance on your heating, cooling and air quality systems. Which include a full inspection and cleaning of all components and connections.
It’s easy to forget about annual maintenance service of your heating or cooling equipment. Regular preventive maintenance is the best way to keep your furnace, fireplace, air conditioner, heat pump or other HVAC system in prime operating condition and ready to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.
Regular preventive maintenance can provide the following system benefits:
  • Lower utility costs
  •  Ensure safe operation of your HVAC equipment
  •  Improved energy efficiency levels
  •  Stronger circulation of air
  •  Reduction in seasonal repair needs
  •  Extension of system life
  •  Help with home comfort and indoor air quality
  •  Savings on repairs, equipment and additional services

Our HVAC Maintenance Plans Extend Beyond What Standard Preventive Service Offers:

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Regular Preventive Maintenance

        Planned maintenance, on time and on your schedule. Total Convenience! 

    2. Written Condition Report

        Our HVAC maintenance plan includes a full easy to read Comfort Report, we will provide you with early identification of worn or broken components so that you will be able to make informed decisions in planning for the eventual replacement of system components. 

    3. Uphold Manufacturer Warranties

        Manufacturer warranties are void unless a qualified HVAC technician regularly services your system. In the event of a severe breakdown needing an HVAC replacement, you want to make sure your system is covered under its manufacturer warranty (if it is still valid). Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc. will make sure your system is inspected on schedule and meets all manufacturer warranties. 

    4. Peace Of Mind

        Having a preventive maintenance before your furnace is placed in operation for the heating season is an investment in your family’s safety. Compromised equipment can place your family at risk! Cleaning and inspecting your equipment allows your Air Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc. technician to pinpoint problems that could lead to excessive carbon monoxide in your home.

    5. Trustworthy Service

        When you have regular maintenance performed on your heating and cooling system it provides a documented record of services and repairs performed. You have a written history of all work performed so Air Solutions Heating & Cooling can quickly diagnose the problem! We look forward earning your trust and developing a long-lasting relationship with you. 

In combining our quality brands of product installations with our quick responsiveness and professional care, we are striving to build upon our reputation of reliability, innovation and top-quality service we offer.

Your comfort is our business, contact us today.
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