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High-Quality Equipment From the Foremost Supplier of Furnaces in Barrie

Air conditioning BarrieThere is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in the warmth and comfort of your home on a cold winter's day. And as the leading supplier for of all heating and cooling equipment in Barrie, Air Solutions Heating & Cooling would like to help you achieve just that. To help you enjoy this feeling, we offer a wide range of Trane-brand furnaces that combine the company's 100-plus-years of experience in manufacturing heating equipment with modern technologies, creating an effective and energy-efficient way to warm your home.

Designed to achieve the best possible energy efficiency, Trane furnaces are user-friendly products that are available in all price ranges and can fit any budget. Their gas furnaces, ventilation systems, and air conditioners have taken a huge step forward with the company's incorporation of smart home automation technology into their products, taking client comfort to a whole new level.

Here are some of the features of Trane products:

Trane equipment comes with advanced ECM motors that allow them to work at variable speeds, giving you complete control over your home's environment.

Multistage technology is another feature of nearly all Trane products, helping to increase efficiency. Combined with the variable speed technology, this feature can help decrease energy usage by up to 90%, lowering electricity bills.

Exclusive to Trane products is the Comfort-R Solution, which ensures even heating across all areas in the home, including even the most cluttered corners.

A silicon nitride hot surface igniter increases durability, making it another important feature of Trane products.

Insulated cabinets are another standard Trane feature which ensures silent operation, thus guaranteeing no noise disturbance.

Thanks to all these features, Trane has been able to create an impressive lineup of products, like the affordable and effective Trane XV95 gas furnace, which has rapidly become the top-selling furnace across all of Toronto by helping bring down power bills and offering a comfortable heating solution. Given the other engineering marvels from Trane's 100-year legacy, this innovation just further proves the company's motto: "it's hard to stop a Trane."

And should something try to stop your Trane product, Air Solutions Heating & Cooling is also the go-to people for any kind of furnace repair in Barrie and the surrounding area. We specialize in all heating and cooling equipment repair services, and all products we sell come with extended warranties and maintenance packages.

As the leading provider and contractor of Trane products in Barrie, Air Solutions Heating & Cooling will gladly help you assess your furnace needs. Visit our consultation page, where our trained professionals advise you on which heating, cooling, and ventilation products suit your needs the best. With a Trane-brand furnace from Air Solutions, you'll own a smart, affordable way to make your home a cozier place.




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