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Fireplace Installation Experts in Minesing

Besides being an efficient way to heat a room, there's something about a fireplace that brings some old-fashioned charm to a room. Not only that, but it also provides a great backdrop when socializing with family and friends during the winter months. Air Solutions Heating & Cooling realizes this, and that's why we install fireplaces in Minesing and Simcoe County.

One of the fireplace brands we offer is Monessen, one of the top manufacturers of fireplaces in the world. Since 1993, Monessen has provided both wood-burning and electric fireplaces. The easy-to-use digital controls let you set the temperature, creating a roaring flame or a low, cozy fire crackling pleasantly in the background. If you're looking for a company that offers fireplaces and installation in Minesing, look no further than Air Solutions.

Monessen offers various styles of fireplaces; browse our complete range and find one that's ideally suited to you. Whether it's a traditional-looking fireplace or something a bit more modern, we offer something that's ideally suited to every living space in addition to fireplace installation in Minesing and the surrounding area.

Whether you opt for a wood-burning fireplace or a more modern gas fireplace, installation in Minesing is a breeze when you hire Air Solutions. Our team of experts will visit your home, take the exact measurements, and install your fireplace with minimal disruption to your busy life, letting you enjoy a roaring fire in no time.

We also offer outdoor fireplace installation in Minesing and the surrounding area as one of our many services.

But our home heating solutions don't stop at fireplaces. As one of the top heating contractors in Minesing and Simcoe County, we also provide furnace installation in Minesing and the surrounding area.

Air Solutions is proud to also offer Trane furnace installation in Minesing. One of the top manufacturers of high-efficiency gas furnaces in the world, Trane's Nexia platform was recently introduced to our product line.

Trane's top-of-the-line furnaces provide the perfect balance of design, temperature control, and efficiency. The manufacturer regularly updates the system, and we are proud to offer their best-selling product, the Trane XV 95, which, as the top heating contractors in Minesing, we will also install for you.

Trane's XV 95 is Ontario's top-selling furnace and we are proud to offer it. The system offers a number of features, including variable stage blowers, two-stage gas heating, and a heavy-gauge two-tone, power painted cabinet that's durable and will stand up to the test of time. In addition, you can increase humidity in your home thanks to the Comfort-R feature. Those are just a few of the features of Trane's XV 95 fireplaces, which you can enjoy with installation in Minesing and Simcoe County, provided by the experts at Air Solutions!

Come to our showroom in Barrie to browse our selection of fireplaces. Our friendly, helpful staff will use their expertise to find the fireplace that's ideally suited to your home. It's that extra care we take when we perform fireplace installation in Minesing that sets us apart from our competitors.




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